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moderna logifino wall and ceiling panels reinterpreted

With its discreet style and neutral look, moderna® logifino is the ideal addition to your living space. Not only is it a stand-out feature on ceilings in living rooms and bedrooms, it also acts as a stylish wall panelling for skylights or for staircases.

This range with rounded panel edges combines elegance and quality. moderna® logifino is the bestseller for almost all room scenarios, coming in four lengths for versatile installation configurations and attractive decors with high-quality decorative films.


High Gloss White
High-Gloss Surface
Decorative film
Beluga white
Decorative film
Scandic Pine
3D surfaces
Silk-matt surface
Decorative film
Light cracked oak
3D surfaces
Decorative film
Sand Pine
Silk-matt surface
Decorative film
Velvet Ash
Silk-matt surface
Decorative film
White cracked oak
3D surfaces
Decorative film
Grey ash
Silk-matt surface
Decorative film
Surface & functions
Technical Information

Decorative panel with rounded joint

The classic look for a calm and smooth effect or deliberately structured applications

Suitable for use in humid rooms

moderna® panelling can be used in damp areas such as bathrooms. However, it should not be used in areas where water is sprayed or splashed.


moderna® panels are very easy to maintain. The surface can be cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth.


moderna® panelling does not fade due to exposure to sunlight (tested in accordance with DIN 438.2).

Heat resistant

moderna® panelling is heat resistant up to 100°C. The installation and ongoing operation of recessed lighting poses no problems.

Type of grooverounded joint
Stärke10 mm MDF
Profilbreite (L x B)190 mm
Deckbreite185 mm
Länge(n)A: 1300 / B: 2200 / C: 2600 / D: 3200 mm
Einsatzbereicheall living areas (suitable for damp rooms)
BefestigungFixing bracket No. 2
Content per packageA: 8 pcs (=1,976 m²); B: 5 pcs (=2,090 m²); C: 5 pcs (=2,470 m²); D: 4 pcs (=2,432 m²)

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