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Comfortable, easy to care for and at the same time extremely fancy – that‘s your new moderna scala staircase with the potential to make it your favourite feature.

Suitable for many different types of stairs, moderna scala offers you a quick, clean, simple and reasonably-priced solution, along with the possibility of integrating your stairs seamlessly into your living ambience thanks to floors that match the decor.

Make the staircase and floor the new favourite feature of your living space and the visual and functional highlight of your home – with the moderna scala stair system.



Measure up and get started – it‘s that simple to lay the moderna scala staircase system, which will in no time transform a staircase carcase into an attractive and functional focal point of your living space.



Hardly any other part of your home is used as often and as intensively as the stairs.
Many years of intensive use leave both aesthetic and physical traces that will at some point make modernisation a matter of urgency.


The complete solution for your floor and staircase

High-quality components have been specially harmonised and allow for simple and safe installation.

✔ Suitable for heavily used living areas
✔ Laminate floor that matches the decor for all stair covers
✔ Slip-resistant even in socks, wet shoes or smooth soles


To quickly make your wish for a new moderna scala staircase a reality, just work through our short checklist for efficient, reliable and uncomplicated planning and realisation.


All packages stocked by your specialist dealer are identified by a number (1, 2 or 3). After you have taken the measurements and counted the number of steps on your stairs, use the package contents to calculate the materials you need for your staircase. See below for an overview of what the various packages contain. Please do not forget the accessories when making your calcula tions and purchasing the materials.

Package 1

moderna scala tread pack 1150 mm for straight steps

Content: 2 treads
Dimension: 1150 x 326 x 60 mm



Package 2

moderna scala tread pack 1450 for spiral steps

Content: 2 treads and 1 tread extension with
Dimension tread: 1450 x 326 x 60 mm
Dimension tread extension: 1287 x 320 x 8 mm

Package 3

moderna scala stair head 1280 mm

Content: 1 stair head
Dimension: 1280 x 119 x 60 mm


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