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Accessoires staircase

The following accessory material was designed specifically to complement the moderna® scala staircase system and the matching moderna® laminate flooring.

Stabilisation profile and mounting set

Stabilisation profile to balance badly worn steps. The corresponding mounting set is matched with the holes of the stabilisation profile.

Stabilisation profile dimensions: 45 x 23 x 830/1250 mm

Contents of mounting set: 50 rosettes/screws

moderna installation glue

1K installation glue based on MS polymers

Contents: 290 ml (cartridge)

Side panel (solid wood) and corner moulding

Side panel to cover open treads. Corner moulding to cover lateral open stairs.

Decorative skirting board ASL60 (available in white or identical colour)

Decor foil 19 x 60 x 2700 mm

moderna installation set


1x tapping block;

1x tension rod;

40x fitting wedges

moderna joint sealant

(acrylic) matching the decor

moderna Premiumfloor

The sophisticated insulating underlay for ideal footfall and impact sound reduction.

Thermal resistance: 0.046 m²/KW; Compressive strength: 70 kPa; Walking noise reduction: 30%; Footfall noise
reduction by 19 dB

Format: 1250 x 100 x 2 mm
Contents: 12.5 m²

moderna alu-tape

Aluminium-coated PET tape for vapour-tight taping of
insulating underlay

Contents: 0.5 x 50 m

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